Chapter 3: Walk 1/2 #5

“Oh, what a lovely day.” Meg spilled out the moment she stepped outside of front door to front garden. Almost a little twister like organised chaos plunged through the Marstone household as they were just getting ready for a walk, which made everyone already exhausted except Alfie. But a moment after hit the ope air,... Continue Reading →


Chapter 2: Mother’s Day #4

Meg woke up with freshly brewed coffee smell followed by distance noise of the toaster tossed up the contents. This was totally different to her usual early morning ruotine. Normally she wakes up with the noise of Alfie runs in to her bed room with filled up nappy, often with out-of-boundary contents. She guessed the... Continue Reading →

Chapter 1 : Bumble bee #3

Subtle Daphne fragrance from neighbour’s garden won over the fresh soap smell of the washing on the line in the first sunny morning after almost a week of rain. A housewife Meg Marston stretched her arms and picked up next clothes to hang. She wander if there is enough space to hang them all as... Continue Reading →

Prologue #2

“Oh, you must’ve be kidding... Not again...... Why they always end up like this?’ A long silvery flare dressed woman was watching the view beneath her with dismay. She was standing on top of the tallest and the most graceful crystal tower at the top of highest mountain in the centre of this continent. Streaks... Continue Reading →

Synopsis #1

Age of Catalyst - Synopsis Story of an ordinary family with special needs boy's life got slight turn when the boy found a filthy stone on the beach. Since then they are getting involved in to unexpected journey and challenge beyond imagination.

Little cheeky Alex

My youngest son Alex is my direct influence to write this story, who is excessively friendly, always smile on his face, yet no speech but use minor sign language to communicates, special needs boy. Just like any child, getting knowing him and his disability was slow process since birth. The baby never cried...was like a... Continue Reading →

Why start blog

My journey to live and understanding with special needs son. Now I got my own theory to this condition and try to make sense in my first attempt novel.

Pen doodles

Selection of my animal doodle done since October 2014 till October 2015. These are drawn by using randomly Google searched happy animal friends photos as reference.  Then doodle them with my own interpretation while in search and hope we all human being will find similar concept to achieve a world we would love to inherit... Continue Reading →

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